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I love reading, sailing, surfing, being a digital bromad, standing behind the decks, worrying about political malpractice, and watching kurzgesagt.

I've worked a lot with .NET, and it's been love at first sight. The ability to write code that's rigid enough that autocomplete is faster than doc-reading, while maintaining the flexibility to write versatile and highly reusable code is such a pleasure. It also doesn't hurt that's there is a pretty defined standard as to what good code is and being able to write it as much as I can.

Furthermore I'm an expert in Docker, software architecture, Event Driven Design, Domain Driven Design and Test Driven Design. Would love to start a crusade against code rot and an abstractionist at heart.

In the future I would really like to setup an in person software school for the web. I've experienced first hand what good and bad code can do to a company. Pair that with the current dichotomy between the market need for highly skilled developers, and universities (rightfully so) not filling that gap; I feel I could provide a lot of real value there.

Live long and prosper,