These are some of the projects I recently worked on and think are awesome. Sadly some are closed source :(. If you want to know more about older projects: let me know!

  • Group


    Over at Flanderijn I was responsible for connecting their largest clients to their internal software package. I worked intensely with large banks such as ABN AMRO and ING to automate their debt management and build a highly scalable distributed system capable of handling the spiky load. Initially a 6 month contract, we extended twice due to a very pleasant work dynamic, and needing to keep a senior on-board.

    .NET 6, Service Bus, CQRS, DDD, Architecture, Masstransit

  • Thaly B.V.


    Thaly requested full automation for their webshop in medical and safety equipment. As a lead developer and greenfield architect I built and deployed a solution to reduce his workload from almost an FTE to 4 hours a week. I translated user requests into a functional MVP and created a sprint based release schedule with live demos. This projects is ongoing to reduce his workload to max 1 hour per week. It’s built in .NET Core 3.1, and uses a custom dashboard in React.

    .NET Core, Next.js, Kubernetes

  • Group 2


    Loopground is my latest venture. I love building things with electrical components, but it always sucks that Sparkfun and Adafruit are ridiculously expensive. Ordering from china is a possibility but much like forrest gump's box of chocolates: you never know what you gon' get. Loopground sources pre-vetted components from china for a very good price, and with great docs. We're currently experimenting with "kits" so people can easily start building cool DIY projects.

    .NET Core, Nuxt.js, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ

  • Group 3


    Flairtable is essentially a security layer over Airtable. It allows you to scope your API key and make Airtable usable in frontends and clients. It's written as a typescript cloudfunction and has a JavaScript package for easy implementation.

    JavaScrip, TypeScript, Node, Firebase

  • Group 3


    Parley helps people overcome anxiety and mental problems by using CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) In short: it helps you feel better. With Parley I had to dive into the world of front-end frameworks, and create a thorough understanding of not only how an application should architecturally look like, but also the challenges that arise when you have to implement complex back-ends.

    React Native, Expo

  • logo-join

    Join - Influencer Marketing

    As a senior backend developer in this young start up, I was mostly responsible for rapid progress. Building features as fast as possible to grow as fast as possible. I was responsible for migrating their monolith to a separated API based platform, and build features such as social outreach predication, and campaign success metrics.

    Laravel, ElasticSearch, MySql

  • Travel Flow

    Travel Flow - Travel Package

    Travelflow wanted to build a booking engine, combining flights, hotels and event tickets. As lead developer I was responsible for charting the business requirements from the employees and translating that into domain sketches. From those domain sketches, we started building an MVP and creating a team of developers. I did most of the interviews to determine developer skill, and to stay on release track. After assembling a backend team and writing a lot of C# code, I also created the requirements for the CMS in React. While not building a lot of React, I was reviewing the bulk of the PR’s. We deployed the solution as a microservice landscape on AWS. Using SQS as a service bus and Fargate as a container manager.

    Laravel, MySql, Redis

  • Travel Flow

    Travel Flow - Tickets Backend

    Together with their team, we built a complete back-end for their event ticketing business. It entailed intelligently parsing tons of emails, pre-filling orders with suggested matches, API links with their financial tools, tracking of shipments, etc. Originally built with Laravel and then rebuilt in .NET Core using Domain Driven Design, SOLID, SQRS, and (excuse my french) a microservice architecture.

    Laravel, .NET Core, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker

I recommend checking out my GitHub for some open source stuff I made. You can also see the source code of this site if you think it's dope (I do). There are also some archived things in .NET Core, Lumen, Next.js, Gatsby and Nuxt.js if you want to check that out.
All in all, I love .NET, know my way around AWS, Azure, and a Kubernets cluster, and can build a functional and fast front-end. Oh, and I'm always open for a chat!